Dominique Jacquinet

I grew up with lots of music at home. Almost on a daily base music was playing. Here you see me playing with my dad’s Technics turntable back in the days. Funny to see how our parents’ influence could be showing up in our life as an adult.

My son Collin loves music and starts smiling and make rhythmic movements when i play music. He also likes to play with my dad’s guitars.

The love for music eventually made me produce music with computer programs at a later age.


On this photo you see me playing with a Lubitel 166B from my dad.

The Praktica MTL5 was the first camera I learned to shoot film with and as a little boy I carried it around to the photography/darkroom worshop for kids and later school. I was hooked on photography and when I had to make my choice for high school it became one with specific subjects like graphic design, screen printing and photography offcourse.


Dominique Jacquinet


Photography always was more a hobby for me than a possible professional career so I never pushed myself to go for a job as a professional photographer and thats why I started working as an Print Operator in 2001. I finished my media degrees at the Grafisch Lyceum in Rotterdam 3 years after. I have been working for two different printing companies for about eleven years total.

Next to my job I started learning at the SAE Institute (School for Audio Engineering) because I had discovered music production as I mentioned earlier. In 2010 I finished the course at the SAE Institute and I founded my own Netlabel for releasing music from various artist all over the world. The label ceased to exist a few years later. I met my girlfriend at that time so i had different priorities 🙂

In 2015 I found a new challenge. Hi-Fi Klubben was about to open a store in The Hague. Hi-Fi Klubben is a Danish Company that set feet on Dutch ground a few years earlier. Hi-Fi Klubben sells equipment such as amplifiers, loudspeakers and televisions. With their great slogan “BAD SOUND KILLS GOOD MUSIC” they triggered me and i thought it would be great job. Music was always one of my passions and I decided to work for them.  Every single employee has a great passion for good  music and sound offcourse.

So what happend last couple of years? In 2017 i got married with my lovely german lady and in 2018 our son Collin was born. I made tons of photo’s of our little “monkey” and everything was quiet peaceful up till now.

I thought, why shouldn’t I do something with the skills I’ve learned over the years. As the former founder of Sound Source Netlabel I really enjoyed give upcoming talent an audience by releasing their music on a platform everybody could reach these days. And all that free of charge. I also managed to get some established names from the scene for a release on the label. Although the label only existed for a few years, I thought it was a huge success and a victory for myself because i was doing something i really really liked.

So whats up next? Bringing Sound Source Netlabel back to life? No…. at least not for the moment but never say never.

I would like to offer my services as a mixing – mastering engineer for the same group of artists who like to make a step up in their career and don’t want to spent a fortune on mastering services nor the impersonal approach to online mastering services.